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The Torcal de Antequera Natural Park is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, formed by dolines or torcas, which are circular rock formations where we can find caves that were inhabited in Prehistory. Its multiple routes, paths and passageways among rocks sculpted for hundreds of millions of years stand out.

To get to the Torcal Alto Visitors Center, you will cross a narrow mountain road, and there is a limited parking space to park the camper van. This parking has an access restriction to prevent the road from collapsing, and it is activated when the capacity is reached in the morning, staying until the afternoon, until most of the visitors have already left. However, if you arrive with the access restriction activated, you can park the camper van in a lower parking lot where you can take a shuttle bus or walk up the path up to the Torcal Alto about 3.6 km in length.

If you want to spend the night in the Torcal Alto you have to know that it is forbidden to spend the night in a motorhome or camper van, although very close to the birth of the Villa you have El Torcal Camping where they have many services.

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For more information visit www.torcaldeantequera.com


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