Please see below the answers to some of the most usual questions our clients ask.

What does the camper van rental include?

Our camper van includes the basic equipment with everything you need, and you can also rent several additional extras if you prefer to go super equipped. Rental price of the camper van includes all risk insurance with road assistance and VAT.

How do I confirm the reservation of the camper van?

Booking confirmation of our camper van is made once a 30% deposit has been paid, which will be discounted when the total rental price is paid.

Can I cancel the camper van reservation?

Yes, you can cancel the reservation of the camper van if you have any unforeseen circumstances but you will have to pay a cancellation fee depending on how far in advance you cancel:

• If the cancellation is communicated before thirty days at the beginning of the rental period, 50% of the value of the reservation will be charged.

• If the cancellation is communicated between 30 and 16 days before the start of the rental, 75% penalty of the value of the deposit will be charged.

• If the cancellation is communicated between 15 days and the beginning of the rental, 100% penalty of the value of the reservation deposited will be charged.

Do I have to pay a bond when I pick up the camper van?

Yes, when it's time to pick up the camper van you will have to deposit a bond of 700 euros which will be refunded at the end of the rental period if no damage has been caused.

Is there a mileage limit?

You have a mileage limit set to travel with the camper van depending on the days of the rental:

• For 3-day rentals a maximum of 600 kms

• For 4-day rentals a maximum of 800 kms.

• For 5-day rentals a maximum of 1000 kms.

• For 6-day rentals a maximum of 1200 kms.

• For 7-day rentals a maximum of 1400 kms.

• For 8-day rentals or more unlimited kms.

Excess mileage will be charged at 0.31 Euro/km.

Do i need to clean the camper van to bring it back?

Yes. The camper van must be deliver in the same condition as you picked it up. Clean the outside and inside, fill the tank with clean water and empty its waste tanks (grey water) and WC.

• If you deliver it not clean will cost 100€.

• If you deliver it with an empty clean water container will cost 50€.

• If you deliver it with a full grey water container and WC not clean will cost 100€.

• If it is returned without completing the filling of the diesel tank, the amount will be charged for the missing litres until it is completed and 25 € for the transfer to the petrol station.

• If the water tank is filled with another element other than water, or the diesel tank with another element other than diesel, the cost will be 700 euros and the client will also be responsible for the lost profit produced to CamperWave for the days of immobilization of the motorhome until its complete repair.

What are the dimensions of the camper van?

Our camper van Benimar®Benivan 116 with capacity for 4 people has the following measures:

• Width 2,05m.

• Length 5,99m.

• Height 2,60m.

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